Welcome to Sweet Pea Lawn Care!

Sweet Pea Lawn Care is your one stop organic lawn care provider. Organic means no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers ever. The path forward is through soil testing, improved biodiversity and balanced soil biology. As a NOFA Accredited Organic Land Care Professional, I’ll guide you to a safe, beautiful and healthy lawn. 

Spring 2022!

Spring is almost here and It’s time to meet you and your lawn!  Start the season by signing up for a Standard Consultation. I’ll walk the property with you, discuss your goals and give you feedback based on my observations.  Once I understand your expectations, I’ll start right away putting the plan in motion. Here are the next steps:

  1. I’ll collect a soil sample to determine the critical needs of your lawn including: pH, nutrient content and organic matter.
  2. I’ll sketch and take measurements of your lawn.
  3. Your soil sample will be sent to the lab for a detailed analysis and results will be returned in about two weeks.
  4. Based on your results, I’ll customize an estimate which may include the following services:  aerating, organic fertilizer, pH adjustment, grass/clover seeds, organic compost etc.
  5. You can modify your plan by selecting which services fit your needs and budget.

I’ll answer any of you questions and if you decide to move forward I’ll add you to the schedule.  Service plans are for one year and include one visit in the spring and one in the fall.

Use the contact page to tell me a bit about your lawn and I’ll follow-up to schedule a time for the consult. Consultations are $95 and include the property evaluation, soil sample and estimate. Also available are individual soil tests for $60 or consultation without a soil test for $75. 

Reach out now! Last year I filled up by mid-April. 

As of April 8th, I am booked for all spring lawn care services and mowing.  Please visit the contact page and submit your information to be added to the waitlist.           Thank you! Jason

Organic Crabgrass Solutions

  • Crabgrass is very persistent and thrives during hot and dry conditions.
  • Overcoming poor soil quality, proper watering and timely grass/clover seeding are parts of the solution.
  • Act in early spring to get the best results.