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Sweet Pea Lawn Care is your one stop organic lawn care provider. My full service approach to environmentally friendly lawn care will provide you with a beautiful, healthy lawn, and peace of mind.

Winter Moth Tree Banding

Winter Moths are an invasive insect originally from europe.  The caterpillar life stage of the moth feeds heavily on oak, maple, ash and apple tree leaves.  The resulting damage can sicken and even kill your trees.

Banding trees provides a barrier to the female moth from climbing the tree after hatching and laying eggs.

Bands are applied in November and are removed in December once this stage of the moth life cycle is complete.

Make the switch to quiet, emission-free electric mowing

 2021 will mark my 5th year of offering an all electric, professional mowing service. The benefits of choosing electric extend to your neighbors, community and planet.  Electric mowers reduce the commotion and noise of gas mowers and leaf blowers by lowering the decibels…you probably won’t even know I’m there.   You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint by 550% and eliminate heavy metals, voc’s and ozone from entering the air we breathe…what’s not to love!

New commercial and residential clients being accepted now for the 2021 season.  

Organic Crabgrass Solutions

  • Crabgrass is very persistent and thrived during last year’s drought
  • Overcoming poor soil conditions, proper watering and timely grass seeding are parts of the solution
  • Act now in early spring to get the best results