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The goal is simple; Reduce the amount of pollution and toxins we are exposed to when walking through our yards and our neighborhoods. Since 2017, I have been using electric mowers, blowers and trimmers to eliminate emissions and noise pollution otherwise created by combustion engines. Organic services were added in 2018 to give people an alternative to using toxins and synthetics on their lawns. I was driven to this move by the sudden collapse of insect pollinator populations worldwide, linked to heavy pesticide use. We must make choices that will protect our bees, butterflies and ecosystems. The thoughtful choices we make here and now will positively impact our neighbors and future generations!


Organic Lawn Care Consultations

Let’s get started on your safe and healthy lawn. As a NOFA Accredited Organic Land Care Professional, I’ll walk the property with you, discuss your goals and give you feedback based on my observations. Once I understand your expectations, I’ll start right away putting the plan in motion. Here are the next steps:

  1. I’ll collect a soil sample to determine the critical needs of your lawn including: pH, nutrient content and organic matter.
  2. I’ll sketch your lawn and note specific concerns and areas of improvement.
  3. Your soil sample will be sent to the lab for a detailed analysis and results will be returned in about two weeks.
  4. Based on your results, I’ll customize an estimate which may include the following services:  aerating, organic fertilizer, pH adjustment, grass/clover seeds, organic compost etc.
  5. You can modify your plan by selecting which services fit your needs and budget.

I’ll answer any of your questions and if you decide to move forward I’ll add you to the schedule. Service plans are for one year and include one visit in the spring and one in the fall.

Use the contact page to tell me a bit about your lawn and I’ll follow-up to schedule a time for the consult. Consultations are $95 and include the property evaluation, soil sample and estimate. 

Thank you!

Jason Batchelor ~Owner

Do You Share My Vision?

  • I’m looking for like minded investors or partners to help me expand. Together, let’s make environmentally conscious lawn care accessible to more folks and more neighborhoods.