Big News!!

As of Friday, April 7th, Sweet Pea Lawn Care will be joining forces with Greencare Landscape Management!

I have been searching for ways to reach more people with my business and as a one man shop, that has grown to be quite challenging! Greencare offered significant resources that will help propel electric mowing and organic lawn care to the next level. I am joining the Greencare Staff and will be leading their electric mowing and organic lawn care department. This is a rare occasion in business in that it is truly symbiotic. I am looking to grow, but do not have the resources to do so, and Greencare is looking to stand up a residential electric mowing and organic lawn care department, but does not have the in-house expertise required.  It’s a perfect match! 

In addition, because of this partnership, I can now offer you many more services including: 

• Hardscape Design and Installation

• Soft Scape Design and Installation

• Full or partial lawn renovation and installation

• Water mitigation and drainage

• Light excavation and grading

Thank you all so much for being such loyal Sweet Pea customers. I am so excited to bring you more services as well as the opportunity to offer others in our neighborhoods the environmentally friendly options that Sweet Pea Lawn Care was founded on.

Welcome to Sweet Pea Lawn Care!

The goal is simple; Reduce the amount of pollution and toxins we are exposed to when walking through our yards and our neighborhoods. Since 2017, I have been using electric mowers, blowers and trimmers to eliminate emissions and noise pollution otherwise created by combustion engines. Organic services were added in 2018 to give people an alternative to using toxins and synthetics on their lawns. I was driven to this move by the sudden collapse of insect pollinator populations worldwide, linked to heavy pesticide use. We must make choices that will protect our bees, butterflies and ecosystems. The thoughtful choices we make here and now will positively impact our neighbors and future generations!

Thank you!

Jason Batchelor ~Owner