Electric Mowing

I’m excited to offer you an all electric mowing service!  Powered by rechargeable, lithium-ion, batteries, my mowing equipment produces no emissions and is quieter than the combustion engine counterpart. Rest easy knowing that you’re reducing both air and noise pollution in your neighborhood.

Because regular mowing is vital to an organic, beautiful lawn, I follow these important tenets:

Your grass is mowed to a maximum of 1/3 the blade length to ensure a healthy recovery and encourage disease resistance. For example 6 inch tall grass would be cut to 4 inches.

Your lawn is maintained at a height which will help crowd out weeds. Typically 2 1/2 inches to 4 inches.

Grass clippings are mulched when possible returning beneficial nutrients to the soil in your yard.

Mower blades are kept sharp ensuring a crisp, clean cut.

Professional Service Includes:

• Electric Equipment: Mean Green 48″ stand-on riding mower, Kobalt  80v 21″ push mower, weed whacker and blower. 

Carefully trimming overgrown lawn edges, walkways and building foundations on your property.

Cleaning grass clippings off your walkways and driveway.

Note: Currently Booked for the 2022 mowing season