Overseeding your existing lawn with the correct, regional and sunlight dependent, seeds, is important for a healthy organic lawn. A sufficiently, densely populated area of grass will out compete weeds and ensure the long term health of your lawn. Following a walk with you around your property, I’ll layout a plan to individualize and cultivate your lawn.

The Lucky Clover

honey bee on knot weed

Lucky for us I say!  Adding White Clover seeds to your lawn maybe the best decision you make when converting to organic.  Here’s why:

Clovers are legumes, which convert nitrogen in the air into usable nitrogen in the soil.  This “free” nitrogen in the soil means less of your time and money adding additional fertilizer.
Clovers grow closer to the ground than grass and help crowd out weeds like crabgrass.
Clovers stay green during the hot summer months while your grass goes dormant.
Clover flowers feed honey bees and other pollinators.


Services include:

Free Consultation
Seeding areas damaged by plowing
Seeding troubled or underperforming areas (compacted soils may need to be aerated first)
Overseeding your entire lawn to increase grass/clover population density
Overseeding with White Clover